New Orleans, LA

To understand the devastation and heartbreak of the New Orleans region in the wake of Hurricane Katrina August 25-31, 2005, many who experienced it agree you simply had to be there. To honor the authenticity of their experiences, EXP designed Louisiana State Museum's "Living with Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond" exhibit around hundreds of first-hand oral histories and artifacts pulled from the wreckage of the natural disaster. Exhibits are centered around poignant household items swept from homes-like the hundreds of teddy bears collected in the aftermath-as well as cultural iconography including Fats Domino's piano preserved in the upturned position in which it was found after the hurricane. "Living with Hurricanes" debuted October 26, 2010-the fifth anniversary of New Orleans' reopening after the disaster.

Technical Info

BUDGET: $850,000 design fee; $3.2 million in construction


SCOPE OF WORK: All content development, copy, images, 3D and 2D design, oral history collection, editing, multimedia production (including a storm theater)

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